10 Easy & Effective Healthy Habits In A Day

6 min readMar 2, 2021


Hello everyone, welcome to my 2nd blog. Today, I’ll be discussing some very quick and useful healthy habits which will help you transform your lifestyle and jump on to a happiness coach.

Before starting I would request you to keep a pen and paper if possible and note down key points which you feel are important( Basically all :D)

Let’s Begin!
  • Starting from the morning, the first thing to have is water(preferably warm). The saliva which is formed after our sleep is rich in beneficial bacteria and if we brush before having water, then we will lose all those bacteria which help in proper digestion, controlling blood pressure, and regulating sugar levels. Also, make sure to have water always in a seated position and sip by sip making it easier for the body to absorb.
Smile a bit while having it!
  • Oil pulling after having water is quite unpopular. So let me first explain to you what it is. Basically, you can take a spoon of coconut oil or olive oil, or mustard oil(decreasing priority) and then swish it into your mouth for about 15–20 minutes and then throw it away. Do not throw it in washbasins as the stain may be difficult to be removed. The main purpose this technique solves is improving our dental health. The oil sucks all the germs and infectious bacteria from our mouth and esophagus due to its natural sticking property. After this, you can brush your teeth.
Results after Oil Pulling!
  • Basic stretching and Yoga: We should spare some time for doing exercise and yoga in a day. I am not saying to go to a gym and do tough sessions, instead, it is more important to stretch and relax our muscles for their smooth movement and development. For Yoga, I would suggest trying to do it in sunlight as it would also decrease the possibility of getting Vitamin D deficient. Also if your body supports, try doing a headstand(Sirsasana) as it regulates the flow of blood in the body. But do not jump directly to this yoga, start doing it step by step so that your body opens up and is ready to do this.
Sirsasana Pose
  • A very small step, whenever you go to the washroom, splash your eyes with water after you wash your hands. Cool water relieves the eye nerves and produces an instant cooling effect.
  • A small piece of advice about utensils for food and water. Prefer a copper water bottle for storing water. This decreases the time for healing wounds, improves indigestion and the immune system. For food, I prefer Iron Kadhai for cooking. Iron kadhai is being used since long ago because of its health benefits. If you cook in Iron kadhai, you will never fall short of Iron in your body.
Traditional Iron Kadhai’s
  • Doing head and body massage is also essential to activate skin cells for maintaining good hair and skin. Especially in winters when the skin is rough, massage helps a lot. Massage helps the circulation of blood, joint flexibility, and reduction of stress hormones. In general soft tissue injuries are also cured by simple gentle massage. It also improves alertness of the mind and builds stamina. The oil used for this can be multiple, but some general-purpose oils are coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, and almond oil.
Relaxation at it’s best!
  • Do you have bad breath? Then let me introduce you to a magical seed. It’s called the fennel seed(Saunf). Having Saunf after food will give you better results of bad breath within 2 weeks guaranteed. Saunf has some benefits like it purifies blood, improves skin appearance & eyesight, and helps regulate blood pressure. You can easily purchase it from your nearby grocery store.
  • One mistake that most people do is that either they have water right before having food or having it right after. Both cases make it difficult for our body to process them. You should keep a gap of at least 45 minutes both ways.
    Also, 1 more mistake is having a bath after having breakfast. The reason is that when we have food, our body tries to digest it and in this process, the temperature of our body rises, and then bathing decreases the body temperature which makes it more difficult for the body to digest food. The same reason applies to having water after food. The water also causes a cooling effect in the stomach making it more difficult for the acid(HCl) to emerge and breakdown food. Doing vajrasana after food is preferred. Vajrasana helps in knee and back problems and also gas and acid formation problems.
Vajrasana Pose
  • Some more general healthy habits:

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise

Brush your teeth twice a day.

Have a walk of 20 minutes after dinner and have dinner before 8PM(practically)

Maintain proper hygiene in body, keep it clean and moisturized.

Always carry a smile with you!

  • Our thought process works on what we see, what we hear, what we say and what we do. So make sure to clean your mind with meditation. Choose wisely what to see and what to absorb. This naturally comes with practice and awareness.
  • Dealing with sleep issues? According to a survey, sleep contributes significantly to the immune system of our body and the functioning of brain cells. Try washing your feet before going to bed and then gently apply little mustard oil on the palm for 2 mins. Merging one more piece of advice here: Sleep straight or on your left side. Smile and sleep well.
Comfort level max!

So, these were some tips for a healthy lifestyle which many of us already know but hardly follow. All the things which I mentioned hardly take some time of the day and you will yourself see the changes in your body’s reaction.

If you respect your body, the body respects you!

These habits will also help run away from common diseases and flu’s which may catch us. So, at the end, I would say that-

The body is a machine. So wisely put quality fuel for a long-drive!

Thank you for your time in reading this blog. Do clap if you liked and also mention in comments if you are interested in knowing more about health related topics!

Cheers, Happy Life!!