10 Swift Good Things To Do In Free Time

5 min readApr 8, 2021


Its always time to do good!

Hello Everyone, welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to talk about how to invest our time in doing good things. These are activities which will make proud of yourself and make you eternally happy. So, let’s jump in with this quote-

Let your light shine as an inspiration to humanity and BE THE REASON someone believes in the goodness of people.

  • Have you ever made a cup of tea for your parents? How about giving it a try. Making tea is very easy. It’s just 5 minutes of work. You may watch any YouTube video to learn the recipe. The pleasure and happiness you will see in your parents’ eyes are fascinating. Trust me, the day you start doing it, there’s no looking back.
Cup of tea with love!
  • Reading: If you are a good reader, a book is your best friend. I didn’t read a single book in my life before Covid-19. But due to boredom, I started to read one book called Ikigai, which was one of the bestsellers. After reading the book I felt that books are a great way to develop a positive mindset and also improve our English. 1 Quick tip- Read the genres you are interested in, otherwise, you may end up sleeping on the book!
Books are the best companion
  • Games and Sports: Try to invest time in playing indoor and outdoor games. But I am completely against playing video games as we already spend too much time on the screens. We can indulge in Indoor games like Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Dart, Sudoku, Uno, etc. If you have a little more time nothing better than outdoor games like Badminton, Football, etc. Games and sports improve our strategy-building techniques which are key factors in personality development.
Active sport
  • How much aware are you of your neighbors? I have personally seen people not even knowing who lives on the door next to them. Talking and sharing thoughts is a great way to make relationships and develop a feeling of togetherness around them. Even talking to strangers results in the enlightenment of mood. Try to have a small conversation with the Cab driver whom you’re riding with. I guarantee, the driver would also feel happy and remember you because generally, people don’t do communication with them after verifying OTP! Also, a gentle Thank you after reaching the destination would be ‘icing on the cake’.
Cheerful Faces
  • Well in today’s life, consider yourself lucky if you have seen birds and animals around you. If you have seen them roaming around, try to offer them food. A little can also help them. Little grains can be fed to birds around. A small bowl of water is of great help to them, especially in summers. In the end, the level of satisfaction you get after watching them getting relief is that feeling which cannot be described in words.
Isn’t he cute?
  • We tend to surf the web and spend time on social media rather than being aware of the news around us. Being updated with current affairs is very important as you can speak in front of people if there is some conversation going on in a group of people. Opinions are also formed when you have the information with you. So, reading the news is one quick thing you can do in your free time.
Mainstream media channel
  • We all see our mothers doing so much of the household work in a single day. We hardly appreciate her for her efforts. Next time she serves you food, say Thank you to her and yourself experience what happens next. Daily small tasks like refilling water bottles, folding clothes take no time. On weekends we can also bring groceries home. Also, talk with her for sometime in the evening and spend time with her.
Smiles all around.
  • We can make sticky notes and upcoming tasks we have to perform. We can keep track of what we had planned, how is it progressing, and what plans we make for the future. In studies, we can revise the concepts in our leisure time. You can also share your thoughts on any platform that may help others, through blogs or videos, like the one I’m doing!
List upcoming tasks here
  • Solving puzzles are fun. It relieves stress. Puzzles force our brain to think from a broader perspective which improves problem-solving skills and improves concentration. Not a puzzle, but a riddle I have for you is:
    What has a heart but no other organs?
Childhood refresher!
  • Meditation: Sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and focus the mind only on your breathing. No other thoughts should come in between, even if they come they should come and go in a flash. This process of meditation cleans our mind and achieve emotional calm and stable state. In the beginning, it may be difficult to do, but eventually, you’ll get better at it.
Peaceful Mind & Soul

This completes the 10 points promised in the title! So, this was it. Try to practice some of these activities in your daily life and you will be impressed in the process. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Every day grants us opportunities to do good. Take advantage of them. Do good. Be happy.

Thank you for your valuable time. If you are still reading and have liked the blog, make sure to clap for it and also comment on your experience.

Cheers to Happy Life!!