Privacy Focused Android Apps Alternatives

Awareness is a must

Hello friends, today I’m here to discuss some of the apps we can use which offer better security and privacy for their users. These are some of the apps I found useful and you are free to disagree with my choices.

First things first, always try to use open-source software. Now, what is this open-source? It means that whatever functionality the app is performing, the code running behind it is available to its users to see. This brings a sense of trust and transparency to the users in the market. Also note that the least permissions app requests, the better it is.

Open Source Choices

Now let’s start with the alternatives:

The search engine that respect’s your privacy
Messaging app signal
YT Vanced
Multiple syncing and private
B2 Storage
Proton-mail based in Switzerland
Mozilla Firefox Browser
Say No smart learning and background data usage!

Done, these were just some of the alternatives I found helpful. For more such alternatives I would recommend to visit links like: ,

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